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My name is Omer Moshe, passionate about languages and your private Hebrew tutor.

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I'm Omer, a private Hebrew tutor.

My name is Omer Moshe, I live in Israel and teach Hebrew. I've also lived in Costa Rica, Australia, and the Philippines as well. Since I was a child, I had an interest and passion for languages, cultures, and traditions.

Mi nombre es Omer Moshe, originalmente soy the Israel sin embargo estoy viviendo en Costa Rica, tambien he vivido en Australia y Filipinas desde pequeño tuve interes y pasion para los lenguajes, culturas, y tradiciones.

שמי עומר, אני במקור מישראל אך אני גר בקוסטה ריקה כמו כן גם התגוררתי באוסטרליה ובפיליפינים .מאז שהייתי ילד היה לי הרבה עניין ותשוקה לשפות, תרבויות ומנהגים

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Flexible schedule

I offer structured one-to-one lessons with the flexibility to choose time slots.

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The structure, techniques and approaches I teach are tailored to your interests and skills. My goal is to develop your conversational skills in a unique and fun way.

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Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, I build a plan for our classes


Lee Cohen

20 Hebrew lessons

Omer is a very skilled language teacher. He keeps the conversation flowing naturally and really encourages me to speak. I love having class with Omer.

Howard Scott

21 Hebrew lessons

He is really flexible and likes to encourage you in your learning process. I always have fun and get a lot of practice learning new things.


16 Hebrew lessons

Omer is a dedicated teacher and a vvery thoughtfull fellow. I'd recommend him if you want to get challenged while having interesting discussions and learning new vocabulary.

Ahmed Jaber

5 Hebrew lessons

If you want to REALLY learn and at the same time have fun, this is your guy.

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